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How Branford CT Homeowners Qualify Excellence In Refrigerator Repair Technicians

refrigerator repair

Get your scorecards ready. When you need refrigerator repair, the first thing you probably do is reach for a phonebook or jump online for the name of a reputable Branford CT refrigerator repair company. We suggest calling up trusted friends, family and coworkers before you need refrigerator repair and ask them about the technicians who’ve serviced their appliances. Evaluating a refrigerator repair technician often tells you a lot about a company, without having to read between the lines of standard “company speak” that puts the company in the best light, whether it’s true or not.

Branford CT appliance repair technicians represent the company in a non-abstract, real-time way. Ask your trusted circle of friends and acquaintances three basic questions to get started: How well did the refrigerator repair technician behave in your home? Was he polite and courteous? Did the refrigerator repair technician resolve the problem in one visit? If you get any kind of negative feedback, keeping asking around for a recommendation. Last week, a customer called us because he was unhappy with the refrigerator repair he received from another Branford CT based appliance repair company. The customer didn’t like the way the technician behaved (the tech didn’t remove mud from his boots when he entered the home, and was not courteous during the visit) and the homeowner was reluctant to call the company back, fearing the same technician would be sent out. We went on the service call instead and discovered that the refrigerator repair was botched, leaving it inoperable.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time we’ve encountered this problem regarding general appliance and refrigerator repair; it exists in every city. So how do you find a reputable refrigerator repair technician in Branford CT? As we’ve said, ask personal contacts first. If you still strike out, use a homeowner-to-homeowner referral service such as Angie’s List. Companies are vetted thoroughly by staff to ensure appliance repair reviews are accurate.