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Common Orange CT Home Heating System Repairs

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Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever and eventually everything breaks down, including the heating system in your home in Orange, CT. Homeowners can be prepared for it, however, if they know what to look for before minor home heating system repairs become a major expense. Identifying when home heating system repairs are needed is the first step in bypassing a total heating system replacement in most cases, and here at Tri-City Appliance, we’ve put together a list of common home heating system repairs in Orange, CT.

Common Orange CT Home Heating System Repair #1: Air Filter

Probably the most overlooked part of home heating system, the air filter, needs routine replacement in most furnaces and forced-air systems, similar to a car. Many Orange CT residents don’t realize their heating system has an air filter that needs to be changed regularly. Failure to replace the air filter regularly can cause a lot of problems. Below are just a few of the problems we see often:

Poor air flow. If the home heating system becomes clogged, air cannot pass through the system and, as a result, will reduce the amount of air circulating through the house, to each room.

Heating system short cycling. Short cycling refers to when your home heating system turns on and off very quickly, which can lead to expensive repair costs due to stress on the system.

Overheating. As the heat exchanger in your system heats up, the system requires air to flow over the exchanger, cool the exchanger and carry heat into your Orange CT home. But if the airflow is poor due to a dirty filter, your heat exchanger can overheat and crack – an expensive home heating system repair.

Common Orange CT Home Heating System Repair #2: No Heat

When a furnace produces no heat it is usually means the pilot light is on the fritz or has gone out. When a boiler produces no heat either the water from the boiler isn’t getting to the radiators or it can also mean the boiler’s pilot light is out. A heat pump doesn’t heat when an interior fan has broken or it doesn’t have sufficient refrigerant.

Common Orange CT Home Heating System Repair #3: Insufficient Heat

When furnaces produce poor heat a dirty burner or a faulty thermostat is typically the cause. When your home heating system is a boiler, a blockage in its lines or a dirty burner can produce insufficient heat in your Orange CT home. Similar to a boiler, a heat pump that fails to heat can be caused by blockage in the refrigerant lines.