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Trane HVAC Systems in Milford

Dependable HVAC Systems for Connecticut Homes

Tri City Heating and Cooling is extremely proud to offer heating and cooling products from Trane, one of the foremost manufacturers of home comfort and climate control products in North America. Trane has long exemplified qualities that we’ve sought to emulate and embrace in our own business: dependability, longevity, and staying at the forefront of the industry with modern technology. Trane has been in the business for more than 120 years, building some of the most reliable and innovative systems the world has ever seen. The company has pioneered some of the most prolific advancements in energy efficiency and heating and cooling technology, and today is proud to boast a substantial line of heating and cooling products for nearly every application.

Benefits of Choosing Trane

Trane strives to live by their motto: “It’s hard to stop a Trane.” Their dependability over the years has proven this to be absolutely true. Trane does something that no other manufacturer does: designs, tests, and manufactures their own parts so they can guarantee that every detail in your HVAC system is handled properly. Any major part in your system is manufactured by Trane themselves, ensuring that you receive the same durability and longevity from the smallest part of your system up to your system as a whole.

Every part is also regularly tested in both laboratory and real-world environments to ensure that they perform up to expected standards. This includes sixteen weeks in both bone-chilling cold and blistering heat in repeating two-week sessions to ensure maximum durability in even the most extreme conditions. What does this mean for you? It means guaranteed comfort and reliability in even the most extreme climates. From the hottest days of summer to the coldest nights of winter, your Trane will run reliably through it all.

We’re extremely proud to offer a full range of Trane products, including:

The Quietest Names on the Market

When you think of a running train, you probably think of a blaring horn and loud grumbling as the giant machine goes by. When it comes to Trane, this is exactly what they’ve poured countless hours of research into avoiding with their HVAC systems. Trane engineers have looked for new and innovative ways to reduce the amount of noise your HVAC system makes so you can enjoy your home in comfort along with whisper-quiet noise levels.

Today those results speak for themselves: Trane products are tested in the industry’s only Hemi Anechoic chamber to ensure true and accurate noise measurement results. They are constantly looking for how to make every product in their line even quieter, and as a result they’ve consistently earned the quietest sound rating in the industry. Effective heating and cooling, whisper-quiet operation, and impeccable energy efficiency make a winning combination for your home. That’s why we’re extremely proud to offer these products to all of our customers who are looking to completely replace their HVAC equipment.

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