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Tips for Handling the Appliance Supply Shortages

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Supply chain issues and shortages have been affecting nearly all areas of our lives in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak. Along with lumber, baby formula, and even Sriracha, appliances are also in short supply. This presents a challenge when all you’re trying to do is get a fridge with an ice maker that actually works for once.

While the appliance supply chain issues are not likely to disappear soon, there are a few ways you can navigate them. Check out our tips below!

Shop at Local Independent Retailers

While the convenience of a major retailer might be enticing, don’t overlook the “little guy!” We’re talking about your local mom-and-pop appliance stores around town. While countless appliances are on backorder at Amazon, Lowes, Home Depot, and Best Buy, you may very well find the exact model you’re looking for at a local, independent retailer.

Plus, you may experience a higher level of service from a small business in your town with a reputation to protect. Suppose you run into a delivery issue with the third-party delivery company that huge businesses like Home Depot hire. You’re not likely to get much help from Home Depot’s customer service – if you can even get a hold of a human being there. Smaller businesses know their delivery crews and are much more likely to make your satisfaction a priority.

Be Open to “Open Box” or Cosmetically-Flawed Appliances

Many retailers will give a discount on “open box” appliances. An open box appliance may or may not have been used for a short period, depending on the store’s policy.

You can be sure that the appliance was removed from its factory packaging, and the customer decided to return it for whatever reason. It doesn’t necessarily mean that there was something defective about the appliance. It might have been the wrong size or color, or the customer might have just changed their mind. Sometimes an open box appliance was the floor model in a showroom, so people may have been opening and closing its doors.

Some open box appliances have defects that make them less-than-desirable from a cosmetic perspective, such as a dent or a scratch. Typically, retailers offer these appliances at even more of a discount. It’s a great way to snatch a bargain!

If You Can, Repair Rather Than Replace

We all love shiny, new toys. But if you need a working oven in time for Thanksgiving, you might be out of luck if the model you want is on backorder. Depending on your appliance's problem, repairing it can be a smart, affordable, and fast alternative to replacing it.

The repair may extend your appliance’s lifespan by years and significantly improve its performance. Opting to repair rather than replace can allow you more time to save up for a new model with all the bells and whistles you want – and without the time crunch.

Appliance Repair in Milford, CT

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