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Why Closing Air Vents Doesn’t Actually Save Money

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Who doesn't like saving money? While there are many ways to reduce your heating bills this winter, like regularly scheduled HVAC maintenance with our team, you might have heard the tip that closing your air vents saves energy. According to some sources, closing your air vents keeps the airflow to the rooms you want to be heated.

We certainly don’t blame some people for believing this because it sounds like it makes sense, at first. If you close your air vents, you stop hot air from being wasted on rooms you’re not occupying, right?

However, the reality is you are spending just as much money as you usually would because your heater doesn’t “know” you’ve closed a vent. In fact, you are causing more problems than solutions. Here is what you need to know about closing your air vents.

Forget What You Heard About Closing Air Vents

When you close your air vents, you can be putting unnecessary strain on your HVAC system, as the closed vents can increase air pressure inside the system. So what happens with an increase in pressure? If your HVAC system had any air leaks before closing your vents, you would make them even worse, as the pressure build-up can lead to gaps in your air ducts and cause existing leaks to grow.

Remember that with leaky HVAC ductwork, the build-up of moisture can lead to mold growth. Not only will you be having an unevenly heated home, but you run the risk of mold spores growing in your heating system.

On top of everything, you still won’t be saving money because your heating system will continue to blow warm air toward the blocked air vent, regardless of whether you’ve closed or opened it.

How To Actually Save Money

The best way to save money on your heating is getting regularly scheduled maintenance on your HVAC system. At Tri-City Heating and Cooling, we can help you save money by making sure your heating system:

  • Is not suffering from dust and soot buildup
  • Is operating as efficiently and safely as possible
  • Has no underlying issues that could lead to a breakdown and pricey repair in the near future

Call us at (203) 303-5700, and we'll help you save money, so you can have more to spend on gifts this holiday season!