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Why Should I Have Radiant Floor Heating Installed?

A photo of exposed radiant floor heating coils in a home.

Have you longed for the day that you could have heated floors in your home? If that’s the case, make your dream come true by having radiant heat installed! This type of eclectic floor heat offers a series of incredible benefits — such as keeping your feet warm on those chilly, brisk Connecticut days!

If you’re not sure if radiant heating is the right choice for you, here are a few perks to consider when you have it installed in your humble abode!

Reasons to Have Radiant Heat Installed in Your Home

Keeps the Floor Comfortable

You know the feeling well: You’re walking around your home, barefoot, in the middle of winter when all of a sudden you reach your kitchen. As you step foot onto the tile, a chill instantly pulses through your body — and it’s not comfortable in the slightest. Luckily, to combat this, radiant heating will help keep your floor as toasty as can be. Another perk about having radiant heat installed is that it can help save energy when heating your home.

Helps Save on Heating Costs

Since this specific type of heating system is installed in the floor, it can help cut heating costs since there’s no chance for heat loss. This is possible because heat will not have to travel through any ductwork and have the possibility of getting lost or slipping through a leak in the duct.

The System Heats Quietly

Have you experienced this? You adjust the thermostat on your HVAC unit, and you start to hear the rush of hot air being propelled around your home. While that little feature doesn’t bother some homeowners, others wish they could find a way to get around the noise — and radiant heat is the answer. The system turns on and off silently — so you’d never even know it’s on unless you walk across the floor that it's under.

Radiant Floor Heating System Installations in Milford, CT

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