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Ways to Eliminate Indoor Air Pollution

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How to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Let’s face it: one item of importance that happens to be at the top of every homeowner’s list is ways to improve their indoor air quality. While this may seem like a difficult feat to override, it’s relatively simple to do. So, if you’re looking for some simple tips on how to help elevate your home’s I.A.Q., here are a few suggestions to keep top of mind.

Have a New Range Hood Installed

Whether you’re a culinary expert or you like to make a delightful grilled cheese sandwich now and then, there’s an essential ingredient you might be missing in your kitchen — cue a powerful range hood. While you might already have one in place, there’s a chance that it has seen better days.

A range hood will help draw cooking odors and gasses out from your kitchen and expel them into the great outdoors, unlike a gimmick. This will not only keep your home smelling fresh and clean, but it will also help keep your indoor air quality afloat.

Invest in Professional Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Are you thinking about taking your indoor air quality to the next level? If so, you may want to consider having a whole-home air purifier installed. These incredible devices live up to their name and help remove harmful odors, bacteria, and other airborne contaminants from your air seamlessly.

Another perk about having an air purification system installed is that it will help combat indoor allergies and make it easier to breathe indoors — which is always a plus.

Consider Green Alternatives

If you were asked to read the ingredients list on the back of one of your household cleaning agents, would the composition make you want to use the cleaner or toss it away? Like many store-bought cleaners, they’re jam-packed with an array of harmful chemicals that will not only make your home sparkle and clean but also hinder your indoor air quality.

If you’re looking to make a noticeable difference, and preserve your home’s I.A.Q., consider swapping out the chemicals for green cleaning agents — or even consider looking for D.I.Y. alternatives that still get the job done, but minus the questionable ingredients.

Indoor Air Quality Experts in Milford, CT

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