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Things You Shouldn't do Before Selling Your Home

red and white for sale sign on the front lawn of a home for sale

What Shouldn’t I Do Before Listing My Home on the Market?

If you’re looking to purchase a new home, there’s a chance you may be putting your current humble abode on the market. And while that seems simple to do — after all, a real estate agent can make things easier — there are some things you should never do before listing your home.

Here’s what to consider:

What Not to Do When Selling Your Home

Neglect Repairs

Whether it’s a cracked tiled in the guest bathroom or the gutter is falling off in the backyard, make sure to have all repairs completed before having the first potential buyer walk through that door. After all, making sure that your home is as perfect as possible will help you get the asking price you desire.

Personalize the Space

When a potential buyer walks into your home, they want to imagine themselves living there — not you. That said, when you’re staging rooms to be shown, make sure to keep them as neutral as possible — that means removing all family pictures and other personal items bearing your likeness.

Repaint Rooms in Bold Colors

Is there a room in your current home that could use some TLC? If you need to paint the space, don’t settle on a bright, vibrant color — that could potentially turn off (and mean more work) for the potential buyers. Instead, opt for neutral colors that are easy on the eye and won’t scare away anyone from making an offer on your home.

Hide Problems

Remember how we discussed that you shouldn’t neglect repairs? Well, if you’re planning on hiding a potential problem area in your home, you shouldn’t. Not only can that lead to an unpleasant surprise to the future homeowner, but it can even lead to some trouble down the road for you. When in doubt, fix it or be honest with potential buyers.

Need a Plumbing, HVAC, or Appliance Repair Before Listing?

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