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The Downsides of a Dusty Home

A person ran their hand across a dusty wooden table

Is it Bad to Have a Dusty Home?

Whether your house is big or small, there’s a chance that dust is present — no matter how often you clean it. However, there is a chance that some homeowners might see abnormally large quantities of this grey matter in their living space, which can be alarming.

If you feel as if your home has a considerable accumulation of dust without an explanation, here are a few reasons why this could be occurring in the first place.

How Dust Forms In Your Home and the Impact it Can Have

A Vacuum Cleaner Without a HEPA Filter

One of the most essential tasks that a homeowner can do a few times a week is vacuum their home. From cleaning the carpet in the living room to the area rug in the hallway, no area should be overlooked when completing this task. However, if your vacuum cleaner isn’t strong enough, it could leave more traces of dust behind than you could imagine.

To help ensure that your carpet is as clean as can be and ensuring that dust doesn’t go airborne when cleaning, you’ll want to invest in a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter. Unlike a traditional vacuum, a HEPA-equipped machine will filter away any debris suctioned up into the machine. This will help lessen allergens and will help deep clean your home.

Neglecting to Change Air Filters

When you have a central heating and cooling system in your home, it’s essential to make sure that you replace the filter as often as possible. Not only will this help keep your unit running in tip-top shape, but it will also help cut back on dust, debris and make it much easier for you to breathe in your living space.

However, failure to change the filter can result in more massive accumulations of dust in your home. To avoid this from happening, consider replacing your unit’s filter about every two-to-three months. If you’re afraid you may forget to swap it out, keep track of each replacement on a calendar.

Pet Dander

Believe it or not, pet dander can contribute to the dust in your home. Within the composition of most dust particles, flakes of animal skin can be found; and how this happens is simple: If your pet sheds, there’s a chance that their fur will go airborne and end up in places you’d least expect.

Since this can increase the allergen count in your home and make it difficult to breathe, consider not only cleaning your home with a HEPA filter vacuum cleaner (as mentioned earlier) but brush and groom your pets often (just make sure not to over-groom them).

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