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How to Keep Your Home Cool on Thanksgiving

A freshly cooked turkey on a festive table

How Can I Keep My Home Cool on Thanksgiving?

When it comes down to it, hosting a Thanksgiving celebration in your home (of any size) can turn out to be one of the most sweltering affairs. After all, your guests will be clad in their favorite formal wear while they gather around heaps of stuffing, mashed potatoes, veggies, and of course, a big, plump turkey.

Although the holiday may look a little different this year, in terms of celebration size, here are some essential tips to keep you cool on “Turkey Day.”

How to Keep a House Comfortable on “Turkey Day”

Turn the Heat Down When Guests Arrive

Before your loved ones enter your home, it’s best to turn the heat on to create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. However, to avoid the room feeling stuffy or any of your guests feeling overheated, turn the thermostat down a few notches when you hear the first knock on your front door.

Use Your Ceiling Fan

Believe it or not, your ceiling fan isn’t just useful on a hot, sweltering day — it can also be of great use during the “off” season in Connecticut. If a fan is present in one of the rooms you’ll all be gathering in, make sure it’s rotating in a counterclockwise direction to provide a cool, subtle breeze.

However, if you’re afraid of a slight chill, make sure to turn your ceiling fan in a clockwise motion — which will help circulate any warm air present, avoiding the risk of the room becoming stuffy and stagnant.

Dress Lightly

While Thanksgiving may seem like a joyous occasion to don your best sweater or late-autumn wear, you may want to reconsider that idea. Instead, consider dressing in layers. Not only will they look rather swell (just like your favorite turtleneck), but you’ll be able to take layers off if the room starts to feel stuffy.

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