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Top Reasons Your AC Fails

Central air conditioner compressor with tools on top

One of the most essential items in your home happens to be your central air conditioner. Known to keep you cool throughout the summer, while helping maintain even humidity levels, this is the one unit you’ll want to make sure is in tip-top shape at all times.

However, there is a chance that your central cooling system may fail periodically or altogether. That said, here are some things to keep in mind as to why your unit may break down in the first place:

How Can an Air Conditioner Break Down?

Not Replacing the Air Filter

Believe it or not, an air conditioner can break down unexpectedly by not replacing the filter often. As it turns out, a dirty air filter will make your central cooling system work twice as hard to produce cool, clean air throughout your home. If that filter is kept intact for quite some time, all that overtime your unit has been putting in will ultimately lead to its demise.

Ignoring Strange Sounds

When you turn your central air conditioner on, you may hear a slight humming noise from the unit’s compressor (the giant metal hub outside of your home). However, if you happen to hear any screeching, clanking, or banging, that can indicate that they’re a loose part within your unit’s compressor — which is never a good thing.

Of course, some homeowners will deem those noises to be reasonable and will put off a repair. When that happens, that can not only cause your unit to break down, but it can even bring your central air conditioner beyond the brink of repair — making it inevitable that you’ll need to replace it altogether.

Putting Off Annual Tune-Ups

If you can recall, when was the last time you had your central air conditioner tuned-up? For some, that could have been a month ago — while for others, that may have been years ago. The fact of the matter is, you’ll want to have your unit tuned-up annually. This will help it run efficiently, but it will make sure that any potential, future problems never occur; stopping them in their tracks.

Is Your Central Air Conditioner in Need of Some TLC?

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