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How to Keep Your Shower Doors Clean

man cleaning shower door with sponge

When it comes to your bathroom decor, one common staple to many households is glass shower doors. Though they come in a variety of textures, shapes, and styles, one thing is for sure — they can be really hard to keep clean and spot-free. However, there are a few tips every homeowner can do to ensure your shower doors look as clean as can be!

Get a Shower Squeegee

The number one thing all homeowners should have when it comes to their glass shower doors is a rubber squeegee. Used after every shower, this handy device can be used to whisk water off your doors, before they can leave streaks.

Consider Some Extra Help

There are products on the market you can look into to keep your shower doors clean and free of streaks. From daily shower cleaners that can be sprayed and left on after each shower to products that help reduce water and rain spots, these all can aid in less cleanings and more spotless windows.

Consider Water Softening

Often the biggest route of the water spot issue for homeowners is hard water. Not only will you notice water spots on your shower doors, but you may also see spots on your fixtures, too. Luckily, a water softening system can stop your hard water issues in their tracks. Not only will it make cleaning your shower easier; it will help give your appliances the long lifespan they deserve.

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