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Simple, Quick Ways to Organize a Bathroom

Organized makeup brushes on a modern bathroom counter

How Can I Organize My Bathroom?

One of the most popular rooms in your home can also be one of the most cluttered — cue the bathroom. Whether the space is large and spacious or small and confined, there’s a chance that cabinets could be stacked to the brim with endless health, beauty, and hygiene products (and let’s not talk about under the sink).

If you’re looking to shape up your bathroom and give it a much needed organizational makeover, here are some simple, quick ways to do that with minimal effort.

Tips for Organizing a Bathroom

Invest in Organizers

Whether they’re for your cotton swabs or makeup brushes, consider investing in affordable bathroom organizers to spruce up the space. They will make everything much more accessible — plus, they’ll be the perfect way to get rid of clutter and provide a visually-appealing cabinet or countertop!

Rid of Outdated Products

Believe it or not, certain products within your bathroom are not meant to last forever. From eye creams to eyeshadow pallets, the list goes on and on. And if you happen to find that you’re continuing to buy similar products every few weeks or so, now would be the perfect time to go through your “collection” and get rid of older, expired products to make room for the new ones.

Consider Shelving

Is your bathroom on the smaller side? If so, you’ll know that it may seem impossible to store all of your products. However, the solution is simple: consider shelving! Whether it’s one shelf or a few staggered on an accent wall, you’ll see how much they’ll help out in the long run when installed.

Of course, to make things more visually appealing, you can consider putting your essentials (i.e., cotton swabs, floss picks, etcetera) into visually appealing bathroom jars and containers to add an extra element of design to the space!

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