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How to Tell if Your Washing Machine is Broken

Front load washing machine with soap suds inside

How to Tell if Your Washing Machine Needs Repair

Sometimes, your most-used appliances will fail when you least expect it — such as your washing machine. Although it may seem as if your “prized possession” will stick around for quite some time, there’s a chance that it can come to a halt and require some TLC or a repair technician.

If you’re not sure whether your washing machine needs repair, here are some signs to look out for:

Signs a Washing Machine Needs to be Fixed

There’s Leftover Water in the Drum

Typically, when your washing machine has completed a laundry load, the water in the drum should be gone entirely. However, if there happens to be a leak or a drainage problem within your appliance, there’s a chance that the water will stay put in within the drum — which should be repaired right away to avoid any more significant plumbing problems from occurring.

Your Clothes Aren’t Washing Completely

When you take your precious garments out of your washing machine, do they look and feel like they need to be rewashed? If so, there’s a chance that your washing machine could have a lingering problem that may need to be examined by a licensed professional.

It’s Extremely Loud When Running

Believe it or not, your washing machine isn’t supposed to make a startling amount of noise when it’s running. Even though it may move slightly or make a few churning noises, if you hear anything that sounds alarming, there’s a chance that the appliance’s motor requires TLC (or may need to be replaced altogether).

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