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5 Ways to Dispose of Old Appliances


So you bought a new stove or refrigerator which is awesome and exciting, right? One thing you want to make sure and take into consideration before the big delivery day is what you're going to do with your old appliances. Whether your old appliance is still functional or doesn't work anymore, there are several ways to get them out of the way before your new one arrives. Below are several ideas that are not only resourceful but good for the environment as well!

1. Check with Your New Appliance Store about Removal

Some appliance companies will remove the old appliance and dispose of it for you, usually for a small fee. Be sure to speak with them ahead of time so the proper arrangements can be made. Sometimes, free appliance removal is even part of a sales promotion. This is the simplest and easiest way to dispose of an old appliance.

2. Check with Your Local Municipality about Recycling Programs or Disposal

Many places actually have recycling programs and will pick up the appliance for you. Or, your garbage company may remove them as part of your normal trash service or for a small additional fee. If that's the case, you can simply leave it on your curb for pickup when your new appliance is delivered. It's important to time it so the old appliance isn't on the curb for too long which can be unsafe and unsightly.

3. Make Some Cash!

If your old appliance is simply being upgraded to a newer one and still works, you can sell it online and make a little bit of extra cash. Online selling sites, such as on Facebook, are excellent places to see if any local buyers are available. Simply take a picture, list a simple description and start your sale! Lots of appliance repair businesses will even buy non-working appliances to use for parts or to repair and resell themselves.

4. Consider Donating

Many local charitable organizations will gladly take a donated appliance and you, in exchange, can claim a nice tax deduction.

5. Dispose of It Yourself!

If you're a 'do it yourself' kind of person, consider taking your old appliance to a local salvage or junkyard. They will allow you to dispose of it for a small fee.

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