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Reasons to Upgrade Your Water Heater

A photo of a modern showerhead propelling hot water

Should I Upgrade My Home’s Water Heater?

One of the most critical pieces to the home puzzle is a water heater. Whether it be a storage tank or tankless, you’d be looking at icy cold showers (minimum) without it. However, there does come in every homeowner’s life whether or not they should upgrade their unit.

If you’re considering parting ways with your current water heater, here are some of the many benefits that a new unit can offer!

Benefits of a New Water Heater

Have the Option to Switch to a Tankless Unit

Nowadays, one of the most popular water heaters is a tankless unit. Unlike a tank-based water heater, this unit supplies hot water on-demand, has a longer lifespan (up to 20 years more than a traditional unit), and can be mounted to a wall — instead of taking up floor space.

Another perk about a tankless water heater is that since it doesn’t store water in its “stomach.” there’s less room for a potential flood or higher utility bills — which is always a plus! Also, if you’re looking for a quicker delivery of hot water, this may be the perfect solution for you!

A New Unit is More Energy-Efficient

Now, whether or not you want to opt for a tankless water heater or replace your current model with another storage tank unit, you’ll be delighted to know that water heaters have come a long way in terms of manufacturing.

Today, water heaters tend to be much more energy-efficient — meaning that they won’t use more energy than needed to heat your home’s water supply. Knowing this, you can look forward to lower utility bills and help maintain the lifespan of your unit.

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