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Prevent Clogs with These Simple Tips

Stainless steel kitchen sink drain with a blue tint

Clogs Can Happen When You Least Expect It

Not too fond of an unexpected drain clog? Join the club! Nowadays, by spending more time at home, many homeowners are finding themselves stuck with a clogged drain — however, the clog's initial cause may be caused by misusing the drain in the first place!

If you’re looking to prevent a clog, here are some expert drain tips to know:

How to Prevent a Clogged Drain

Don’t Pour Grease Down It

After whipping up dinner on the stove in a hot frying pan, where do you dispose of that cooking grease when you’re done? If it’s down the drain, you may want to reconsider that. Believe it or not, when hot grease cools down — especially when coming in contact with a cold drain pipe — it will harden, causing the drain to narrow. Over time, that narrow drain can leave the water with nowhere to go — ultimately creating a clog.

Instead of tossing that hot cooking grease down a nearby drain, carefully pour it in an old container and let it harden. Once complete, toss that container out in a nearby garbage can. This is the best way to dispose of it, but it will help prevent a potential plumbing disaster.

Consider Getting a Drain Guard

One of the most popular, inexpensive gadgets to get for a drain in your home is a drain guard. This small, mesh-like covering is the perfect solution to stopping any problems before they happen. It will help block anything that’s not supposed to go down the drain’s opening — such as a wedding ring — and can help prevent any potential plumbing problems (or heartbreak).

Additionally, a drain guard is a perfect solution for a sink drain and a shower or tub drain. This little device will help block hair from making its way down the drain and getting stuck, creating a potential blockage.

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