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3 Reasons to Convert to Gas

Natural gas has proven a reliable and cost-efficient alternative to most other fuel sources that are usually used in Connecticut homes and businesses. For homes that run on electricity or oil, converting to natural gas can be an investment that quickly pays for itself.

1. The Savings

Natural gas prices are lower than both electricity and oil. This is far gentler on the utilities budget of a home or business. Since natural gas costs less to produce, these initial savings are passed on to consumers. Transportation isn't a cost issue, either. When combined with natural gas, the energy efficiency of modern appliances translates into double savings.

2. The Convenience

When the weather is bad, an entire neighborhood can lose electricity for days. Filling oil tanks requires a delivery truck that can get through the snow and ice. With natural gas, a building has safely buried pipes delivering heating convenience all year long. Activities won't get put on hold while waiting for utility trucks to show up. People can shelter in place and have a warm and comfortable snow day inside.

3. The Clean Resource and More

Natural gas sources for America are found right here. They aren't affected by international drama. Gas burns cleaner than oil and has a cleaner impact on the environment. Many utility companies even offer incentives for converting to natural gas. This will offset the initial investment and provide further savings. Natural gas adds property value to Connecticut homes, as well.

When you're ready to convert your property to natural gas, contact Tri-City Heating and Cooling for the estimates, installation, and maintenance that will make the conversion a successful, long-lasting investment. We provide professional services in HVAC, plumbing, and appliance repair. Call us about details today.