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3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Thermostat

Mobile home control system from phone

We live in a world of digital. Most things are easily accessed through our trusty smartphones. From tracking your heart rate to ordering your dinner; your smart tablets and devices allow you to control your daily life with a few swipes of your finger. So if you’re still turning a knob to adjust your temperature, it’s time for an upgrade. Besides, beyond looking fancy and being modern, it comes with an array of benefits, too, and we have the three most important, below:

1. Better Temperature Control

Most modern thermostats learn your patterns and create temperature settings around. Others allow you to set times where the temperature changes during the day. For instance, when you’re at work, your thermostat can adjust at that time, so you’re not heating or cooling an empty home. On the other hand, if you forget to change your temperature at work, you can easily do it from your smartphone.

2. Lower Energy Usage

Because your thermostat remembers specific settings and can be adjusted from your smartphone, you’ll have less energy waste. This is because you won’t be wasting heat or air when it’s not needed.

3. Less Chance of Major Breakdown

Some smart thermostat will even remind you of regular tune-ups or alert you when something is off with your system, leading to less chance of a significant breakdown. You’ll also be able to get a more accurate read of your current temperature in the home, too.

Looking to understand your thermostat options or simply need to tune-up your HVAC system, the experts at Tri-City Heating and Cooling are here to help. Contact us, today!