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Top Heating Hacks For The New Year

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Looking to save some money on your electrical bill? Tired of cranking the heat to keep your home warm and comfortable? Well, we have some quick and easy heating hacks that can do just that! With these 3 tips, you can keep your home warm all winter long, without cranking up the temperature.

1.Cleaning Your Filters

Did you know that old and dirty filters could cause your heater to work overtime in order to provide even heating in your home? Make sure that you change your filter regularly to avoid this problem from persisting. Not only that, cleaner filters leads to cleaner indoor air, decreasing your chances of winter allergies.

2.Using Stove Tops

When it comes to keeping your home toasty and warm, don't forget about the extra heat your stove gives off. Instead of cranking the thermostat way up, so that you can comfortably sit in your home, why not cook dinner? The extra heat will alleviate will add to the temperature of the room, and in a small home, it could potentially heat most of the house. Not only that, cooking more meals can help you stick to your healthy 2019 resolutions.

3. Turning Down The Thermostat

When your home is full with family and friends, it can get rather warm, rather fast. Body heat can add to the temperature of a room, and if you know you'll be hosting a party, turn down the heat when your guests arrive. They'll walk into a warm home, but by the time you are all talking and laughing, the room will stay at a comfortable level. Another great way to ensure you are not wasting heat? Turn down the thermostat when you're not at home. This is where a programmable thermostat comes in, with an upgrade, you can raise the heat on your way home from your cell phone, saving money and ensuring your home is warm and comfortable.

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