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Extending Your Oven's Lifespan

cleaning inside of oven

For most people, their oven is indispensable. It’s also one of your most expensive appliances, making it something you want to last its full lifespan.

Whether you frequently cook, or not — your oven needs some TLC.

Without routine cleaning, or service you could be looking at a major breakdown before its time. So to keep your oven going as long as it can, consider the below:

Clean the Oven Regularly

Both conventional and self-cleaning ovens need to be regularly cleaned, but they are cleaned in different ways. A conventional oven can be cleaned with store-bought oven cleaners, but these should be used sparingly for many contain lye. These cleaners can’t be used on self-cleaning ovens, which work by simply reducing the debris inside of them to ash that can be easily swept out.

Clean The Racks

First, pull out the oven racks, and put them in warm, soapy water. If they’re really grungy, scrub them with a scorer first.

Some Maintenance Tips

• Wipe down the oven every time it is used. This makes cleaning it that much easier.

• Wash the broiler pan in hot, sudsy water every time it’s used. This prevents grease fires.

Schedule Service

If you notice your stove isn’t evenly cooking your food, a coil is out, or it’s taking a while to heat up — it’s time to get your oven serviced. By doing so, you could fix a minor issue before it comes major. With regular routine service, you can make sure your system lives the lifespan it deserves.