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Why Hot Showers are Bad For You and Your Home

hot shower

Many people love hot showers. However, it is not good to take hot showers. Here are three ways a hot shower can be doing damage to you and your home:

Dries Out Your Skin. Hot water may feel good while you're showering. However, it is bad for your skin. The hot water takes moisture out of your skin and can cause a flare up in certain skin conditions. If your skin is dry, then you'll want to stick to short and cooler showers. Another downfall to hot water and dry skin is your more prone to develop early wrinkles and worsen acne symptoms.

High Humidity. A hot shower can raise the humidity levels in your home. This can cause moisture to build up on ceilings. It can also fog up your windows and mirrors. Additionally, this can lead to mold build up.

Water Damage. If you frequently take long, hot showers, then your home can suffer water damage. The water can collect on the walls and drip down into the floors. This can damage your floors and cause mold to build upon them. Mold can reduce your indoor air quality. It can also worsen health conditions such as allergies and asthma. Additionally, mold can cause a foul odor.

Even warm showers can lead to steam and water damage. To ensure your house is well prepared for this, you'll want to always use your bathroom exhaust fan before and after a shower, keep a window cracked if possible and just cut down your shower time in general.

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