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Why Cold Weather Maintenance is Vital

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If you live in Milford, Conn., you're used to the cold winters, but is your home prepared for the cold drop in temperature? Walk through the interior of your home, but also, check the exterior to determine what supplies are required to ensure that you have hot water and heat this winter. Here are some preventative measures for your home during the winter.

Inspect Your Home’s Water Heater

Check your home’s water heater to determine if it is rusty or leaking. If it has a problem that you can’t fix, then you should contact a plumber to work on the appliance or to replace it as soon as possible. You can protect your home’s water heater by covering it with a specialized insulating blanket.

Change the Furnace Filter in the Climate-control Equipment

It is a good idea to have a furnace tune-up from a professional technician. Without adequate heat in your home, you can also have plumbing problems such as malfunctioning toilets. A technician will inspect the furnace, clean it and lubricate its components, but you should also change the furnace’s filter once a month.

Protect the Pipes in Your Home

You should have by now drained the exterior pipes of your home to protect the devices from frozen water. You may also want to wrap pipes with adhesive tape, and also, you can place insulating devices over the faucets. Inside your home, make sure that the pipes are in good condition, and also, keep the heat turned on in your home to protect from the chance of a pipe freezing. Keep water running a bit, and fix any cracks before they get worse.

When your home's heating devices aren’t working, you can call the Tri-City Heating and Cooling. We offer routine tune-ups along with emergency services so that you never have to be without heat in the winter.