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Cleaning Your Toilet Like a Pro

cleaning toilet seat

Cleaning your bathroom's toilet is often an unpleasant chore, but it is necessary for proper hygiene inside your home. Not only that, a dirty toilet can shorten your porcelain throne's lifespan. To ensure your toilet is as clean as it can be and stays that way — you’ll want to follow these tips:

Tip 1: Use Simple Household Substances

While there are expensive cleansers for sanitizing a toilet, these may contain corrosive chemicals that will degrade a toilet's porcelain materials and the underlying pipes. You can use white vinegar to sanitize your toilet with a special brush, and this substance will also eliminate foul odors.

Tip 2: Removing Deep Stains from the Toilet Bowl

In some cases, you can have deep stains in the toilet bowl from body waste, but there are also ugly stains along the inner rim of the toilet bowl from the lime deposits caused by hard water. Borax is a substance that is available at local stores, and this powder can dissolve the unattractive stains in the toilet bowl.

Tip 3: Cleaning the Outer Surface of the Toilet

We also recommend cleaning the outer surface and seat of the toilet at least once a week. Chlorine bleach is a great sanitizer and mold remover, but you should wear protective gloves along with covering your clothing. Mix the bleach with water in a spray bottle and use paper towels to wipe away the cleanser from the exterior of the toilet, toilet seat and rim of the toilet bowl.

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