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Is Your Holiday Decor Affecting Your Heat?

two men decorating Christmas tree

Holiday decor is a great way to add cheer and a festive feel to your home during the holidays, but the way you use them to decorate can affect your home's heating or even pose risks. To ensure that your decor, comfort, and safety don't clash, here are a few helpful tips to keep you and your home safe and sound.

Keep Trees Clear of Vents

Christmas trees are perhaps the most obvious and significant addition to the home for the holiday season. Where you place your tree though, can change the heating and circulation of a room, as well as contribute to a shorter life span for live trees. Make sure your tree is clear of floor or ceiling vents, never placed over or under them, and kept away from any heating units that would be in use during the season.

Hang With Care

Wreaths, stockings, garland, and lights are just the beginning of what we hang around the house to decorate. Be sure to avoid hanging anything in front of or over your heating vents or areas where heat will be radiating from, like a fireplace. Electrical outlets are also an area where you want to have additional care near when decorating with care. It's important to remember that you should never plug in multiple cords or use any decorations that have burnt or frayed wiring. 

Thermostat Care

And while it may seem obvious, one of the first reasons a home's temperature can change quickly is because of the environment directly around your home's thermostat. The thermostat that is installed in your home controls the rate and frequency at which your house is allowed to cool off or heat up. If you have decor covering or blocking the thermostat it will not be able to take an accurate reading. Even worse is placing any items that generate heat on their own, such as candles, near the thermostat.

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