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Why Does My Tap Water Smell?

water from faucet

When you turn on the water straight from your tap, the last thing you think of is how it smells. We know it might sound funny, but for many homeowners, the sudden stench, the come from their faucets could be overwhelming and sometimes alarming. If you turned on your faucet recently and smelled any of the below smells, here is what could be the cause:

A Metallic Smell

If you turn on your faucet and notice that there's a strange metallic smell coming from it, there's most likely the presence of certain metals such as iron magnesium and zinc contaminating your water. It can also be a sign of a low PH. All of these can be fixed through proper water treatments.

A Musty or Moldy Scent

If your water tastes or smells musty or moldy, it's less harmful than you may think. Often a musty or moldy smell is due to harmless iron-related bacteria or algae that has grown in your water supply. Other than altering the smell, it's often harmless. However, if it's accompanied by a rotten egg smell you should be concerned.

A Rotten Eggs Stench

If you notice a sudden rotten egg smell, that's sulfur, and there are likely high levels of it in your water supply. Many might experience this only when using hot water. By getting your water tested in purchasing the proper filter, you can get rid of the rotten egg smell for good and provide yourself with quality water that's drinkable straight from the tap.

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