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Cleaning Your Garbage Disposal

sponge in sink

Ever turn on your garbage disposal to be greeted by an unpleasant smell? Have you been wondering what that foul smell is in your kitchen? If you haven't cleaned your dream or garbage disposal in quite some time or don't remember if or when you have, it's probably time to do so. Though often self-cleaning, overtime grime can build up in areas that don't often get scrubs by the grinding actions, but with weekly cleanings, you can keep it clean and odor-free. Here's how:

Turn of The Power

Your first step is to turn off the disposal under the sink or through your home service panel or breaker box. You will need a kitchen sponge, dish soap, and some household cleaners depending on your choice in the method.

Scrub the Baffle

Once the power is off use dish soap and your sponge scrub around the baffle ( the rubber part installed between the disposal in the sink that prevents splash and reduces noise). Get into the folds and creases and be sure to rinse the sponge frequently to remove any gunk and to prevent it from spreading.

Get to Deep Cleaning Your Disposal

There are several household items you can use to clean your disposal. One easy way is to fill your drains slowly with a half cup of baking soda than half of cup of vinegar. Then you cover the drain and let it do its work. A few minutes later you remove the stopper and flush with hot water. For really stinky drains, you can repeat this process. Another option is to fill the disposal with ice, add salt or vinegar, and run it with the water turned on to grind the ice.

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