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How to Keep Stainless Steel Appliances Looking Brand New

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A kitchen filled with stainless steel appliances is the dream for many homeowners.

While these appliances are some of the sharpest looking in the game, stainless steel can become dirty and covered in grime.

Sure, all appliances will be at some point in time — but stainless steel can be tricky to clean.

Here’s how to keep your stainless steel appliances looking like the first day you got them!

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What You Need to Clean Stainless Steel

Using a wet paper towel on stainless steel might remove “some” dirt and grime, but this is the lazy way to clean. If you want to clean stainless steel right so it looks like you just peeled the plastic off, then you’re going to need the right materials.

  • Microfiber Cloth - Ditch the rags, paper towels, and anything else you’re cleaning your appliances with. Microfiber cloths are the optimal cleaning tool as dirt and grime are attracted to this material, while also not being overly abrasive like a tough rag would be.
  • White Vinegar - One of the best natural cleaners to use is white vinegar. This everyday household item is used to sterilize scents, sanitize surfaces, and spruce up stainless steel. Purchase yourself a vinegar cleaner or simply mix white vinegar with water in a spray bottle.
  • Oil - You can choose the oil you like best — mineral, olive, canola, vegetable, etc. Oil after cleaning will restore the shine in your stainless steel.

How to Clean Stainless Steel

Follow these simple steps with the above materials in order to clean your stainless steel the right way!

Step 1: Determine the direction of the grain in the stainless steel you’re about to clean. Like wood, you need to clean going with the grain in order to lift up as much dirt and grime as possible. Going against the grain will result in a lackluster cleaning job.

Step 2: Spray the stainless steel appliance with your vinegar spray. Don’t be afraid to soak the exterior of this appliance so it covers the entirety of the surface. Using your cloth, wipe down the appliance in the direction of the grain. This will help lift up all of the dirt and grime to leave the surface clean and sanitized.

Step 3: Dip a second microfiber cloth into your oil of choice and begin rubbing it on the stainless steel. Like you did with the vinegar, rub this oil in going with the direction of the grain. This will help remove marks, fingerprints, and restore the lost shine that every homeowner loves to see!

Step 4: Rub this oil in good so there is no leftover on the surface. Allow it to dry before attempting to touch the stainless steel surface. That’s it! Just remember to clean your stainless steel appliances more often to keep them clean. This will result in less time spent cleaning per attempt.

Having stainless steel is a thing of beauty — but you do have to provide it with a good cleaning every once in a while.

For those with appliances that seem to be malfunctioning, our experts here at Tri-City can diagnose and repair them for you.

Or if you’re looking to replace your current appliances, our pros can help install them for you (especially if they require a natural gas hookup). Just give us a call and we’ll be there!