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The Different Heat Pump Options Explained

two heat pumps

Are you currently looking for a new way to heat and cool your home?

If you’re not interested in having ductwork installed throughout your home, there are other energy efficient options you can choose — like heat pumps!

When looking at heat pumps, you may notice that there are a few different options to choose from. Let us explain them in the simplest of terms!

heat pump

The Different Types of Heat Pumps

Air-Source Heat Pump

The air to air heat pump is exactly what it sounds like, it uses the air from inside and outside of your house. The heat is then transferred to the desired location (into the house during winter and out of the house during summer).

Of all the heat pump options, the air-source heat pump is the most popular — and for good reason! This heating and cooling system is roughly 50 percent more energy efficient than homes using baseboard and furnace styles of heating.

Geothermal Heat Pump

An even more efficient heat pump than the air-source model is the geothermal heat pump. This heat pump has two different options to choose from — ground-source and water-source.

What does this mean?

  • Ground-source heat pumps work by transferring heat between your house and the ground it’s connected to (similarly to how air-source heat pumps work).
  • Water-source heat pumps work by transferring heat between your house and a body of nearby groundwater.

Both types of geothermal heat pumps are more energy efficient than the air-source model, have lower maintenance costs, and a better customer satisfaction rate. However, not all homes are qualified for geothermal heat pumps, as it depends on their property and if it can support one.

Before you decide on a new heating and cooling system for your home, take the time to become educated about the different types of heat pumps.

If you want to learn more about heat pumps and if one is right for your home, contact our HVAC technicians here at Tri-City. We’d love to give your home and family the best heating and cooling system possible so you can always be comfortable in your home!