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How To Deep Clean Your Oven

cleaning oven interior

We know deep cleaning your oven isn’t something on the top of your to-do list, but please do not forget about it!

By ignoring all the caked up droppings on the bottom, you could be at risk for a major fire. So if you can’t remember the last time you gave your oven a deep cleaning, here’s what you need to know:

Self Cleaning Option

If you have an oven from this side of the millennium, chances are it has a self-cleaning option. This option makes the process way less stressful and time-consuming for you.

Warning: Self-cleaning options will heat the oven up to the highest temperature setting the oven can handle. For this reason, you should NOT use this option frequently, as it does cause a lot of stress to the oven.

If you go ahead with the self-cleaning option, make sure you are home for the entirety of it (a couple of hours) and that you have a fire extinguisher on hand — just in case…

Oven Cleaning Sprays

If self-cleaning isn’t an option, or you’d rather get the arm work out, you can always give it a good cleaning spray. There are oven cleaners available that you can spray on and let it work for a bit before wiping clean.

Some of these cleaners have strong fumes and should only be used when you can open a window. There are reduced fume sprays available, but still, take precautions by wearing gloves with the windows open while cleaning.

Natural Cleaners

An option that’s good for those who cannot tolerate the fumes, is a baking soda and vinegar mix.

  • Start with the hottest washcloth you can tolerate to wipe down the oven, and then apply baking soda that’s dampened enough to almost make a paste.
  • Scrub for a few seconds and then with a sponge, add vinegar to the baking soda. The sponge gives you control of how much you vinegar you want.
  • Let it foam and let it sit for about 10 minutes and repeat if necessary.
  • Wipe clean with dish soap and water, then rinse well to remove residue.

Avoid Metal Scrubbers

If there’s ever a thing that is certain, it’s that you should always avoid using metal scrubbers. They can cause an obscene amount of scratches to surfaces.

If you have stubborn areas, try scrubbing it using a really soapy dishcloth or with some degreaser. Let the wet cloth sit on the area for 10 minutes. Sometimes letting the cloth sit on top of the caked on stains will help loosen them up.

If your oven needs more than a cleaning, our pros at Tri-City are ready to help! The last thing we want is for you to be eating takeout food for the next few weeks because your cooking options are limited…