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Signs You're in Need of an Appliance Upgrade

woman shopping for refrigerator

If you can't remember the last time you purchased your appliances, or you notice an increase in your energy bill, chances are you need an upgrade! Purchasing new appliances can seem like an expensive step but in the long run, it will save you money and energy.

If your college-bound daughter and the refrigerator share a birthday, it is time to let them both go. You can put the energy savings toward your daughter's tuition. Replacing appliances that are 10-12 years old allows you to buy more energy efficient models that are less expensive to run.

Other energy saving tips:

  • Check all plumbing for signs of leaks and carefully insulate all exposed pipes to save on heating costs

  • Have an energy audit to see where your biggest resource wasters are

  • Replace all weather stripping, caulking and seals around windows and doors

  • Only run your dishwasher or dryer when it's completely full

  • Clean the coils of your refrigerator yearly to avoid dust build-up

  • Schedule regular appliance maintenance

Installing motion detector lights is an obvious choice but how about the same concept for water faucets as well? There is no struggling to turn on the water when you have messy hands and you also save water because the faucet shuts itself off. Setting the hot water tank just a few degrees lower is another super simple way to save energy and it takes just seconds to do.

Use your windows to cut down on heating and cooling costs by opening them for a cross breeze on milder days and saving the AC for the sweltering days. Remember, on the super hot days, your appliances especially the refrigerators and freezers will work harder to stay cold. All these tips can help extend the life of your appliances while cutting down your energy bill.