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5 Tips To Keep Your Bathroom Clean During The Summer

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As your house becomes a place for gatherings and parties, the one room that can take the most heat, is your bathroom. With the increase foot traffic, it can often feel like you are spending more hours than not cleaning up a mess. With a little preparation and a few changes — you can take time off your cleanings while preventing any major plumbing issues.

To spend your summer hanging outdoors and not in the bathroom cleaning up after your guests, here are five little changes you’ll want to do now:

1. Add More Storage Space

Keeping organized is key. By adding floating shelves above the toilet, or a curtain around your pedestal sink — you can add more spots to store your toiletries without taking up extra space. Bonus — the less stuff on the counters and sink, the easier it will be to dust and clean.

2. Switch to Pump Soap

Hand soap at your sink can lead to an increase in soap scum and scrubbing. By using a pump soap, there will be less residue and less water waste, as bar soap can often require extra pre-scrubbing and rinsing, too.

3. Avoid Clogs

Though this isn’t always as easy as it sounds — there are some changes you can make to ensure your plunger isn’t getting its money worth this summer. Avoid leaving disposable towels in the bathroom, be mindful of the type of toilet paper you buy (thick and bulky is a no), and keep a trash can easily accessible. Change the pale often, so guests will have a reason not to flush anything but toilet paper and bodily functions.

4. Keep Moisture at Bay

Make sure you are using your exhaust fan everytime your shower and try to cut down on shower time when you can. The extra humidity can not only to a steamy warm bathroom — it can increase your chance of mold buildup too. So when in doubt, remember a cool and short shower is the way to go!

5.Hose off Your Shower Doors

To make your bathroom shower door cleaning process a breeze, you’ll want to wash them after every use. Leaving a squeegee in the shower can make this an easy and quick process too. As you are giving yourself a final rinse, run the water over the doors and squeegee off any excess water. This will help prevent soap scum and streaks, making significant cleanings a lot less timely.

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