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New Year, New Appliances: 5 Tips You Should Know

woman shopping for new oven

What’s better than starting a new year? Starting a new year with some new appliances! If you are in the market for a kitchen or laundry room upgrade and are planning to hit the stores, you’ll want to be prepared; so if you are about to embark on the appliance shopping journey, here are 5 tips to keep in mind:

1. Never Buy On The Spot

It might seem like fate when you walk in and see the exact model you were looking for, and though you might have the urge to buy it on the spot, don’t! Pricing can vary, sales happen often, and model variations change. So when it comes to making the right appliance decision, patience is a virtue!

2. Don’t Fall For Good Looks

You never want to judge a book its cover! Fancy colors, knobs, and designs don’t equal better equipment, besides fun and trendy might seem perfect now, but what about in five years? Styles change faster than your appliances lifespan, so get something that can work with multiple decors.

3. Think Size and Sound

You want to be sure you can make good use of your new appliances, so consider their size and sounds. Some industrial style stoves and range hoods can make a ton of noise, so always keep that in mind. Make sure that your cooking equipment is compatible too!

4. Measure, Measure, and Measure Again

You want to measure the space it will be placed in, the area it has to travel through and the appliance itself. You want to be sure it has a definite route into your home, so your doors, and hallways don’t get ripped up. Measure a few times so you can be as accurate as possible.

5. Inspect it

Before you make the final purchasing decision, check every inch of the appliance for scratches and dents. Make sure the inside is in good shape and that it’s not missing any parts that you need. If you do happen to find a scratch or a dent and it’s not something that affects the performance, you can use it to get a better discount.

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