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Your Radiant Floor Heating Questions Answered

radiant floor heating

Radiant or underfloor heating is exactly what it sounds like. It is a means of warming the home by either heated elements or piping that transports warm water (Hydronics) underneath the floor to transfer heat into the room.

If you've been questioning whether or not you should get radiant floor heating, you probably have some questions. Things like, if they're energy efficient or if you have to use a certain kind of flooring. Luckily for you, we have answers!

1. Is Radiant Heat Energy Efficient?

Long story short, yes. Radiant heat is indeed energy efficient. Because the heat comes directly from the floor, there is no energy wasted in transferring it through vents and to each room that you wish to heat. It also offers more flexibility as it can run off of gas, oil, wood, solar energy or combinations of the mentioned sources.

2. What Kind of Flooring Can I Use with Underfloor Heaters?

You may be surprised to know that you can use pretty much any kind of floor cover that you want. There are certain types that do have better thermal conductivity meaning that they will allow heat to be given quicker and in higher quantities, like stone and tile. You can also use wood, laminate, vinyl, and carpet.

3. Can Radiant Heaters Overheat My Home?

This can happen even if you don't use radiant heat if you have a small HVAC system, not enough windows or you have a shortage of insulation in your home. This can be combated by getting a more efficient HVAC system such as home zoning, and properly insulating your home.

4. Is Having Radiant Floor Heaters Installed Expensive?

Pricing of the heaters can vary, and the system you have installed will depend on:

• Climate

• How complex the system is

• Your HVAC system

• Your existing floor

If you’re ready to experience radiant floor heating in Milford, CT, contact us for an appointment.