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Here’s Why Your Freezer is Leaking


A pesky freezer leak is the last thing you want to deal with and can often have you believing that a replacement is your only option. In most cases, it can be an easy fix and even with a simple call or repair, you can get the leak stopped in no time. So what do you do when you notice a freezer leak?

Check For Clogs

The defrost drain may be blocked with ice or those crumbs left over from that ice cream cake you had stowed away. If this is the case, try using a turkey baster or funnel to flush the defrost drain with water warm enough to melt any ice build up. You can also try probing the drain with a coat hanger or similar accessory to unclog it.

Check The Drain Hose

If you can’t find a clog, pull out your refrigerator and locate the drain hose near the rear bottom service panel. Remove the rubber check valve that regulates the humidity. Clean it out as you would with any glass or dish. Reinstall the check valve and check to see if the leak has been fixed.

Bad Water Supply

Another reason for those pesky leaks is a bad water supply line to your automatic ice maker. You will simultaneously notice some sort of performance issue with your water or ice maker. In this case, you simply unplug your refrigerator and find the water line shut-off valve. It can be near the refrigerator or near the source of the water (under a sink or in the basement). Ensure the valve is closed. Then, check for the water supply line for leaks, kinks, damage, ice, or clogs. If you feel it may have frozen up, you can simply let it thaw a few hours before plugging the fridge back in.

If none of these issues exist and your freezer is still leaking, it is time to call an expert.