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The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist

spring cleaning illustration

Well, folks, it’s that time again. Spring is in the air and it’s time for the yearly spring cleaning rituals to begin. This year, do yourself a major favor and think outside the box when you begin planning your spring cleaning checklist.

Basic Spring Cleaning

  • Dust behind appliances
  • Dust walls
  • Dust floor moldings
  • Clean inside draws
  • Clean inside of cabinets
  • Clean inside of closets
  • Shampoo carpets
  • Replace batteries in smoke detectors
  • Replace batteries in carbon monoxide detectors
  • Deep clean in the bathroom

Now It’s Time To Think Outside Of The Box…

Replacing HVAC filters and preventative furnace maintenance is often overlooked and it’s actually far more beneficial to one’s health than simply moving the fridge out from the wall and cleaning it. Take a proactive stance against allergens, chemicals, dust, odors, and general unclean air this spring.

Plumbing is another often overlooked or forgotten area when it comes to performing spring cleaning. Even if your pipes haven’t given you any problems, now is the perfect time to pay them some attention.

The last thing on our outside the box list spring cleaning should be your major appliances. If any of them aren’t working properly, it’s time to get them repaired. Aside from that, make it a point to give them a deep cleaning so you’re not grossed out the next time you decide to prepare a home-cooked meal.

Have appliances that require some extra special attention? You’ve come to the right place. Give the experts at Tri-City Appliance a call today to schedule an appointment.