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Your Appliance Maintenance Check List

dirty dryer lint trap

A lot of keeping your appliances in the best shape possible starts with you. Though scheduling appliance maintenance is a great way to get the most extended lifespan, there are still daily things you could be doing to keep your appliance in their best shape possible, so here is your appliance maintenance checklist.

Check Your Seals

One way to keep your appliances is to make sure there in the best shape possible. Whether it’s your dishwasher or fridge, the seal is a huge part of how it functions. An improper fridge seal will cause you to waste energy and could lead to spoiled food, and a loose dishwasher seal could lead to a leak that can ultimately damage your floors.

Do a Deep Clean

Keeping your appliances clean can avoid a breakdown. Don’t forget to vacuum your fridge coils a few times a year and change or clean HVAC filters based on your manufacturer’s recommendation. Don’t forget to do a regular deep cleaning of your stove too.

Check Your Dryer Exhaust

Your dryer lint trap should be checked and changed with every cycle, as a buildup of lint can waste energy and become a serious fire hazard. To keep your machine new, make the lint removal a priority. Don’t forget to do a deeper clean now and then.

Check Your Hoses

Your washing machine hose has a shorter lifespan than your washing machine itself. If your hose runs it’s course of time without being fixed; it could lead to a leak or significant flood. To prevent this, be sure to check for cracks or leaks often and replace if needed.

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