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Preventing an Appliance Breakdown This Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is right around the corner and with it comes hours of cooking, cleaning and some family bonding. For the day to run as smooth as it can and for all your food prepping to come out just right, your appliances need to be in tip-top shape. So while you’re making your to-do list, and working on your turkey brine, here are a few things you should be doing to prevent an appliance Thanksgiving breakdown.

Give the Dishwasher Some TLC

Your dishwasher goes through a lot of abuse, especially on the holidays. To be sure it’s up to the big day, make sure you give your dishwasher a good clean and that it’s empty and ready to clean off that last bit of stuffing. When it comes to loading — make sure to utilize space and hand wash what you can.

Purge Your Fridge

There is a good chance your fridge is going to be a giant puzzle for the next few days — so you’ll want to get it prepped. Go through and get rid of any spoiled food and give the shelves a good wiped down. Readjust your fridge shelves and make sure the back coils are clean to ensure that all your leftovers won’t spoil. A dirty fridge will have to work double time to keep all your food from spoiling.

Clean The Stove

Your stove is the real MVP of your appliances this holiday, and if you want everything to go right, you’ll need to make sure it’s in top shape. Give it a good clean before the big day, and make sure the pilot light is working. A broken stove can put a damper on your day and send your family headed for the takeout menus. So to have the perfect Thanksgiving day feast, you’ll want to make sure your stove is up for the part.

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