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Why Does My Shower Run Out Of Hot Water So Fast?

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Have you ever gotten into the shower after another family member and there was only enough hot water for the first few minutes? Not a great way to start your day, huh? If you’re sick and tired of this happening to you, then it’s time to point the finger at your hot water heater.

Too Much Usage
The most common reason for this problem is because the people within your home are simply using too much hot water. Not only is it because of long or multiple hot showers in a row, but also because of dishwashers, sinks, and washing machines also utilizing hot water. When you have so many appliances using hot water, start planning out when each person can use certain appliances and fixtures.

Small Tank
Every hot water heater has a peek tank rating, which is the maximum amount of hot water it can heat per hour. If your hot water heater has a peak rating of 30, this means you will only have access to 30 gallons of hot water per hour. If a few family members shower, laundry is done, and the dishes are being cleaned in the span of an hour, you’ll be sure to run out of hot water for a period of time. Depending on the size of your family, purchase a tank that makes sense for your family’s usage.

Faulty Parts
An electronic hot water heater will use a heating element to warm up the water. Unfortunately, heating elements will burn out from time to time which will severely limit the amount of water that can be heated. On the other hand, gas water heaters will use a thermocouple to heat up the water. A faulty thermocouple can begin to heat water but then might fail, leaving you with hot water to start and cold water to finish. Have these pieces inspected depending on which type of hot water heater you own.

Getting into a cold shower is not the best way to start your day (unless you’re into that kind of thing). When you need your hot water heater inspected, serviced, or replaced, contact Tri-City Heating and Cooling. To learn more to schedule an appointment, give us a call at(203) 303-5700.