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4 Kitchen Cleaning Tips Made Easy

cleaning countertop with sponge

Finding the time to give your kitchen a good cleaning can seem impossible with your busy schedule. Rather than setting aside some time to clean the kitchen with your normal cleaning routine, switch things up! Adopt a few of these cleaning tips to make your kitchen cleaning simple, fast, and painless.

One Zesty Microwave
Instead of wearing out your arm with constant scrubbing, place a cup of water into a small bowl along with the juice of one lemon (and the wedges). Microwave the bowl for three minutes and allow the bowl to sit in the unopened microwave for five more minutes. Remove the bowl and proceed to wipe down the interior of this appliance with ease!

Faucet Polish
Is the chrome faucet on your kitchen sink looking a bit cloudy and dull? The next time you do a load of laundry, hold onto one of those used dryer sheets. Head to the sink and wipe down the chrome with your dryer sheet. You’ll be surprised to see how much it shines when you’re done.

Scraping It Clean
You might not be a professional chef or pizza maker, but you should still have a bench scraper in your arsenal of tools. Bench scrapers allow you to collect all of the debris on your countertops into a small pile in a matter of seconds. For those who are messy cooks or bakers, the bench scraper will cut down on cleanup time with just a few scrapes!

Helping the Dishwasher
The point of a dishwasher is for it to clean your dishes and utensils for you so you can spend your time elsewhere. Just because it cleans for you doesn’t mean you can’t help it clean better! Before you start the next cycle on your dishwasher, run your kitchen tap until the water is hot. This will allow your dishwasher to pull hot water instantly instead of waiting for it to warm up.

Cleaning your kitchen doesn’t have to be an all day marathon of chores, especially when you know all of the best cleaning tips and hacks. During your cleaning, if you notice that some of your appliances aren’t working the way they should be, contact Tri-City Heating and Cooling. To learn more or to schedule a service, give us a call at (203) 303-5700.