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Common Summer Plumbing Issues

lawn sprinkler

When we think of common plumbing problems, we often think of frozen pipes, cracks— mostly winter-related issues. Though the cold winters can put a toll on your plumbing, the summer season does some damage of its own. So as the weather begins to warm, here’s how to avoid these common summer plumbing issues:

Sprinkler Head Issues. One of the easiest plumbing problems to avoid is sprinkler head damage. Rainwater and cut grass can quickly clog up sprinkler heads. To avoid a major clog, regularly check and clean your sprinkler heads. If a clog is present, you will see an immediate change in the water spray. If ignored, a broken head can waste water and kill your grass.

Swimming Pool Plumbing Leaks. As you get your pool summer ready, don’t forget to check the plumbing. A leak in your inground pool plumbing can be from a number of components and can waste water and chemicals. If not fixed, it can do some severe damage to your property. If you suspect the plumbing leading to your pool filter isn’t functioning properly— put it to the top of your summer to-do list!

Garbage Disposal Clogs. Some of our favorite summer foods can wreak havoc on our garbage disposals. Fruit pits, grease, potato peels, and corn husks are all disposal no’s. To avoid a clog, keep a scrap pile to dispose of in the garbage can.

Washing Machine Leaks. With warmer weather comes more outdoor activities and more dirty clothes. Since your washer will be working overtime for the next few months, it’s important to check for any leaks or cracks. Scheduling regular maintenance will also help prevent any little problems from becoming a bigger, more expensive issue.

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