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Common Refrigerator Mistakes

hand opening refrigerator door

Though it’s usually unintentional, the refrigerator can often be one of the most neglected kitchen appliances. There are many refrigerator mistakes that we all make that can lead to early food spoilage, energy waste, and even illness. So to get the most out of your fridge, here are the common mistakes you should be avoiding:

Not Separating Your Produce.

Fruit and Veggies don’t always play nice together. Certain fruits like apples, avocados, and melons emit a gas that can cause their nearby neighbors to spoil prematurely. To avoid waste — keep them in their own bin set to low humidity and away from leafy greens.

Wasting Space.

Chances are you are storing many items in the fridge that just don’t require to be in it. Hot sauce, tomatoes, and many peanut butter brands do not require refrigeration. To save space, check all your labels and move any items that don’t need refrigeration to your pantry. Though refrigerator door shelves can be a great way to save space, avoid filling them with anything that can quickly spoil as the temperature can be a bit warmer than the rest of your fridge.

Not Checking The Temperature.

When’s the last time you’ve checked your refrigerator’s temperature? Your fridge should be set anywhere from 32 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. A proper fridge temp will keep your food from spoiling and bacteria from growing.

Neglecting the Condenser Coils.

When it comes to your refrigerator, not cleaning the condenser coils is probably the most common mistake you’ll make, and it can also be the most costly. Dusty coils can affect your fridge’s efficiently and can eventually lead to improper food cooling. To keep your refrigerator working at it’s best, use a coil brush to clean off any dust and schedule regular maintenance.

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