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5 Ways to Start Conserving More Water


When it comes to water consumption, every drip, drab and leak counts! Though it might seem like you are conscious of water conservation, there are many everyday things you could be doing that’s wasting a ton of H20. So to get your water bill down to where it should be, here are five everyday ways you can conserve water.

Turn off The Tap

One of the biggest water wasters happens while brushing your teeth. Keeping the water running can add, and all that additional water is just going down the drain. So next time you go to brush those pearly whites, be sure to shut the water off until it’s time to rinse.

Keep The Dishwasher Full

Your dishwasher uses a significant amount of water, and the smaller additional loads you do, the more water you waste. To keep your water efficiency at a reasonable level, be sure only to run full loads.

Upgrade Your Fixtures

If your shower and bath fixtures are older than you, it might be time to looking into an upgrade. Many of today’s shower heads are more efficient than their elders, and they aren’t the only appliances in which that is true. Today’s dishwashers and washing machine also work to conserve water, which can help your wallet too.

Shorter Showers

Longer showers might feel necessary, but they are not. By cutting your shower from a half hour to fifteen minutes, you can see a massive increase in your waters saving. If you are feeling daring enough, you can even skip one shower week.

Stay on Top of Leaks

A slow drip or leak can not only cause you major plumbing woes, later on, it can also waste water. Though it might just seem like a small amount, each drink a leak adds up, and if not taken care of, your water bill could rise. Besides, an overlooked leak can cause rot and mold too, so get it fixed ASAP.

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