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Why You Should Properly Clean Your Air Ducts

man cleaning air duct

Clean your filters, maintenance your HVAC system, clean your air ducts — it might seem like a lot of upkeep, but if you are looking to keep your home’s air quality up, it’s very much necessary. Your air ducts play a significant role in your homes air quality, and though it might not be a need to get them routinely cleaned, there are specific situations where a cleaning is a must:

Recent Renovations

Did you just complete a home renovation? Dust and paint removal can lead to some seriously dirty ducts! Though your ducts should be sealed off during renovations, that’s not always the case, and debris and dust can often get clogged up, affecting your home’s overall air quality.

Possible Mold

One of the main reasons to get your HVAC ducts cleans is if you suspect mold. Mold in or around your air ducts can lead to illness, asthma and allergy attacks. Mold is often a result of excess moisture too, so not only will you want to get your ducts cleaned but you’ll want to get your moisture problem under control too.

Constant Illness

If allergies are getting the best of someone in your household, and you can’t seem to fight them off, the culprit might be in your air ducts. Dog hair and dust can often get clogged in your ducts. Scheduling a cleaning will help remove these allergens while improving your overall air quality.

Unwanted Guests

Do you think a family of squirrels has made a home in your air ducts? Did you just get a family of vermin removed? Well whether you have critters living in the ducts or not, you’ll want to remove them and then schedule a cleaning for your air ducts.

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