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The Top Bathroom Remodel Trends

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Remodeling your bathroom can leave you with lots of decision making to do. Tub or shower? Single sink or double? Vanity or stand alone sink; the decision can be endless! But before you decide all of this, you must first decide the style you want. So if you are looking to kick your bathroom style game into the modern age, here’s some of the top bathroom remodel trends you should consider:

Think Accessibility

One of the newest trends in bathroom remodeling is all about ease! If you are going to remodel, pick a style that will age with you. Large walk in spa showers, comfort-height toilets, and slip resistant tiles can not only be functional but add a nice modern touch to your once outdated bathroom.

Think Smart Storage

When you are planning out your bathroom remodel, don’t forget to utilize all the space you can. Add up the wall cabinets and make use of vertical space. Open shelves or furniture piece is also a trendy way to get maximum storage without feeling cluttered.

Three-Dimensional Tiles

Looking to style up your bathroom? Your TV doesn’t have to be the only 3D in your home, add some three-dimensional tiles! With a wide variety of patterns, you can add an elegantly modern look to a once 2D bathroom wall. Or just add an accent area to add that little bit of statement into your bathroom.

Go Classic

If you 3D isn’t your thing and you’re more into the classics, why not add some subway tiles? Subway tiles are a subtle feature that can mix with any style! Whether it’s paired with Industrial or traditional fixtures— it’s one look that will stand the test. Just be sure to use a dark grout to avoid staining and mold.

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