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5 Out The Box Fridge Hacks

woman looking inside refrigerator

Tired of searching for last nights leftovers in your fridge? Always picking up messes from your kids trying to help themselves? Well, a little reorganizing can turn your refrigerator messes into an organized, space saving dream. So if you are looking to make the most out of your space and spend less time cleaning your fridge, these five out of the backs hacks can help:

Think Mason Jars

They might be trendy and fun to use, but they have a bigger purpose! Storing things in mason jars can increase their fridge life. If you want to prep meals such as overnight oats and salads, stop searching for a matching storage lid and start using the mason jars!


Magnets are a useful way to keep pictures, notes and funny sayings on our fridge but they can also be utilized on the inside too! You can make use of your vertical space and make magnetic plastic containers. Another way to save space? Use a heavy duty magnetic strip on the top of your fridge to suspend bottles with.

Make An Eat First Zone

Raise your hand if you wind up throwing out half your meals before eating them? If so, this hack is for you. Now put your hand back and start scrolling! Take the time to organize your fridge and place things that will likely spoil soon in front, place in a basket and label “eat first.’ This will keep your family from wasting food and opening doubles.

Line The Shelves

Stop spending hours scrubbing shelves; line them! To protect your shelves from sticky messes add fridge coasters. If you are looking for something a bit more disposable, line them with cling wrap, which is easy to just roll up and throw away and replace when a mess occurs.

Snack Zone

To avoid the big dig in the fridge and to keep things a bit more organized, use your door shelves as the snack area. Add drinks and easy to grab snacks so your little ones can serve themselves!

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