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Tips To Stop Clothes From Shrinking & Stretching


How many times has your favorite shirt gone into the washer, only to come out shrunken or stretched out as your remove it from the dryer? It’s a crime that happens all too often! The next time you’re doing your laundry, keep a few tips and tricks in mind to prevent this from happening again.

  1. Always read the labels attached to your clothing. Certain articles of clothings will need to be washed on a certain cycle, at a specific temperature, with precise drying instructions. This may seem repetitive to do all the time, but so is spending money on new clothes after yours get ruined.
  2. If certain articles of clothing are extremely delicate, consider hand washing them. Spin cycles and constant agitation in the washer can ruin delicate clothing.
  3. When most of your wardrobe is made up of clothing that can be easily misshapen, purchase a washing machine without an agitator. Front loading and high-efficiency washing machines without agitators are more gentle on your laundry.
  4. The most effective way to dry your clothes without worry about shrinking is air drying them. Shrinking will usually occur when heat is applied to certain materials after there is no more presence of moisture. When air drying, remember to lay the clothes down flat to prevent stretching as well.
  5. When air drying is not possible, place your clothing in the dryer on the low heat setting. The key to prevent shrinkage is to take everything out of the dryer while the clothing is still slightly damp.

Doing laundry is a walk in the park — that is, until your favorite sweater goes from large to toddler sized. Having a malfunctioning washer and dryer can also be tough on clothes. When your appliances need repair, contact Tri-City Appliance, Plumbing, Heating & Cooling. To learn more, or to schedule a service, give us a call at (203) 303-5700.