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How To Clean Lint Out Of Your Clothes Dryer

Lint in dryer vent

The clothes dryer is one of the many appliances around the house that makes your life easier by speeding up the process of a daily chore. Since the dryer takes care of you, you should take care of it by cleaning the excess lint out of it. Clearing the dryer of any lint is important in avoiding low efficiency and the possibility of starting a house fire.

Exhaust Duct
Before attempting to clean anything, shut off the gas and unplug the dryer. You can then pull the dryer out from against the wall and detach it from the exhaust duct. Using a large brush, clean out as much of the lint as you can. Proceed with vacuuming the duct and any surrounding lint that may fall out of it. Be sure to also do the same to the open back end of the dryer that was connected to the exhaust duct.

Dryer Interior
Remove the lint filter from the top of the appliance and proceed to unscrew the top portion of the dryer. Once this is removed you can now remove the front portion of the dryer where the drum sits. Sometimes the drum may start to lean forward so just hold it up with one hand while you vacuum the inside with the other. Make sure you clean the entire interior including the heating element.

Regular Maintenance
Your dryer is now cleared of excess lint and it will be a lot less likely to start a fire or break down. However, you should remember to clean the lint filter after every single cycle. This will cut down on the amount of lint that will become trapped within the dryer. A little maintenance here and there goes a long way.

Cleaning the lint out of your dryer is a simple chore that can be done in a few minutes with minimal effort. When your dryer stops working properly or you need help with the cleaning, contact the professionals at Tri-City Appliance, Heating & Cooling. To learn more, or to schedule a service, give us a call at (203) 303-5700.