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National HVAC Tech Day


Happy National HVAC Tech Day to all of the amazing technicians out there! With all of the hard work they do, in some of the most undesirable conditions, Tri-City would like to show our gratitude to these hard working men and women.

Why Should We Care?
Ever since heating and cooling systems were introduced for commercial and residential use, they helped shape how we live today. Areas of the country, and the world, are now livable because we can adjust the internal temperature of a building. This complicated technology is installed and repaired each day by experts who allow us to keep living at whichever temperature we desire.

Undesirable Working Conditions
Chances are if you call up an HVAC company, you probably need a technician to repair something that’s malfunctioning on your HVAC system. For the technician, this means they will have to work outside in the sun or in the attic where it’s even hotter than outside, to repair what has been damaged. They also have to endure the same type of working conditions during the cold winter months.

Keep You From Going Broke
When you call an HVAC technician you do have to pay for the repairs, but this can be a lot less than if you were to ignore the problem. Ignoring a malfunctioning HVAC system can cause it to break, even more, costing you more money in repairs, or worse — having to install a brand new system. Having a technician repair something now could save you boatloads of money later.

Each time you call an HVAC technician it is usually under aggravating circumstances, but always remember — they’re here to help you! So the next time you call for an HVAC repair, know that the tech is there to make everything whole again! If your HVAC system needs repair, contact the professionals at Tri-City Appliance, Plumbing, Heating & Cooling by dialing (203) 303-5700