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How To Slash Your Heating Bills

Utility bills written on a dollar

What’s better than saving money on your heating bills? How about saving money on your heating bills without lowering the heat! There are a few ways you can save money each month without freezing your buns off.

  1. Weatherstripping – Roughly 10 percent of a home’s heat loss is attributed to drafts from empty spacing in windows and doors. By adding weatherstripping, or replacing worn pieces, you can retain more of your home’s heat. Consider adding it to each door and window, while replacing old weatherstripping every five years.
  2. Seal Electrical Outlets – The plastic cover over an electrical outlet isn’t the greatest of defenses against drafts. Unscrew this piece and fill some of the outlet box’s edges with a special wall caulk. You can even purchase a gasket to sit between the outlet box and plastic cover piece for added insurance.
  3. Fill Piping Holes – Pipes that enter certain rooms in your home will run through a hole in the wall. Whether it’s a gas line or drain pipe from the sink, fill the hole around the pipe with a sealing caulk. Many of these lines will lead outside, letting warm air out while letting house pests in.
  4. Plastic Film – Since the windows in your home cause a quarter of your home’s heat loss, covering your windows may be a brilliant idea. By installing a plastic film over your windows, you can save over 10 percent on your monthly bills. The film is almost unnoticeable since it’s clear and relatively easy to install.
  5. Fix Ductwork – If there are any air leaks, holes, or cracks in your ductwork then your HVAC system will overwork itself. Since air is escaping from the ducts, the heating system will continue to work until the desired temperature is reached. Having a professional patch up your ductwork can save you a significant amount of money each month.

Just because you want to save money on your heating bills doesn’t mean you should have to sit in the cold and suffer. Another way you can save money is to have your HVAC system serviced. To learn more, or to have a professional from Tri-City Appliance, Heating & Cooling service your system, give us a call at (203) 303-5700.